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Bluebook case guide bluebook citation generator legalease. Abbreviations to state court reporters including washington. For example, under the entries for arizona you have. West publishes seven 7 regional reporters as part of the national reporter system. Abbreviations to regional reporters legal abbreviations.

List the state reporter before the regional reporter. The abbreviation for the state reporter nebraska court of appeals reports in which their opinions are printed is. Name of the case underlined or italicized and abbreviated according to. Outlines the basic structure of legal citations, including cases law. The bluebook also tells you which reporter to cite, if the courts. A parallel citation to a state court case has the following five elements. Here are two examples of bluebook state court case citations, under both circumstances. Cases bluebook guide libguides at university of illinois law. For quick reference, you may consult the examples of abbreviations material in tarltons finding a case guide.

Essential bluebook rules law school writing center law school. However, courts and professors often tell you to cite to the official reporter instead. A citation to a case in a regional reporter has the following six elements. For most courts, the reporter the bluebook tells you to cite is part of wests national reporter system, an unofficial set of reporters that covers all federal and state courts. United states reports is the official supreme court reporter because it is listed first among the four choices. Only used when citing the same authority multiple times in a row.

This can lead to citation confusion so be sure to check the bluebook closely. State abbreviations bb alwd ib state abbreviations 1. The bluebook requires citation only to the official report supreme court opinions are also published in three unofficial reporters. If you are writing a brief or memo, look at the blue pages, rule b10 or apply the citation rules of the jurisdiction. The supreme court of the united states is the only federal court to officially report its cases. West also publishes the california reporter and the new york supplement, which contain appellate case law from california and new york.

Include a space between abbreviations containing two or more letters. Only include the state abbreviation if the name of the. Cases bluebook legal citation tarlton law library at tarlton law. State courts bluebook guide guides at georgetown law library. Name of the case underlined or italicized and abbreviated according to rule 10. The bluebook actually says that the unofficial regional reporters should be cited to, over the official state reporters, given the option. All of the information you need to properly abbreviate state courts and state court reporters is in table t. Listed below are some guidelines to help you choose the proper abbreviation. Abbreviate states, countries, and other geographical units. These regional reporters contain appellate case law from all 50 states plus the district of columbia.

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