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The paper, as an academic exercise, does not delve into the whole analysis of the document, the processes. The protests in the oromia region are generally seen as part of a. The ethiopian government suspended the addis ababa master plan as a. The so called council of ministers of ethiopia released a draft legislation regarding oromia s special interest on finfinnee addis ababa.

The master plan triggered regionwide peaceful protests by oromo youth and the general populace, which later expanded to other regional states. The implementation of the master plan is feared to cause the eviction of millions of the oromo smallholders from their farmlands in the special zone of oromia surrounding finfinnee addis ababa. Extending capital into surrounding farmland is part of ongoing discrimination against oromo people, say protesters. This anger became especially acute in the past decade as addis ababa expanded rapidly and when, in april 2014, the authorities published a new master plan. Ethiopia scraps addis ababa master plan after protests. Addis ababa and oromia special zone master plan is to integrate the development of the citys and towns around it, said the project office. Hayalnesh gezahegn addis abeba, marcg 072019 thousands of demonstrators in several cities and towns across the oromia regional state have taken to. This one too will be defeated by the oromo people and with the defeat of addis ababa master plan 2. Introduction addis ababa is now 127 years old as the capital of ethiopia.

The prison speaks afaan oromo although the immediate cause of the current protests was the proposed master plan of addis t, there was a deeprooted cause i. Rationale for the msc program in accounting and audit. The oromo people will never allow the reinstatement of finfinnee addis ababa master plan. As it is indicated in the addis ababa 20022010 master plan. Even though the governments master plan was cancelled in january this year 2016, it was too late to stop the general publics uproar. Combined with the five year national action plan against people trafficking, which also aligns to the growth and transformation plan ii, the government of ethiopia made enormous strides.

Hope university college and its environment hope university college is a public service of hope enterprises, which is an ethiopian residents charitable society that was established in 1971 in addis ababa to help the needy help themselves through transformational assistance. Pdf state of oromias interest in addis ababa finfinnee. In mid2012 the addis abeba city administration aaca has organized a project office called addis ababa city planning project office and tasked it to prepare a city development plan that it claimed would work for the coming ten years. The master plan of the italians had mainly produced racially segregated settlements like addis ketema. The paper, as an academic exercise, does not delve into. Since april 25, students have demonstrated throughout oromia regional state to protest the governments plan to substantially expand the municipal boundaries of addis ababa. Who are the oromo people, ethiopia\s largest ethnic group. The result is to be the first implemented city plan to consider towns at the outskirts of the city. Abadula gemeda, addis ababa master plan, becauseiamoromo, blogging is not a crime, change in ethiopia, ethiopian election 20072014, hailemariam desalegn, human rights in ethiopia, legacy of meles zenawi, oromia, oromia referendum, oromo freedom fighters permalink. Addis abeba integrated master plan archives addis standard.

Ethiopias decision to implement the addis ababa master plan without any input from oromo public is not entirely surprising. Outcry as oromo protests in ethiopia turn violent africa. General manager, addis ababa master plan project office. Public service and human development resource addis ababa. The process by which the current plan was developed is yet another affirmation of the pseudo nature of ethiopias federalism. Timeline of the action plan the addis standard explained with regards to the origins of the master plan that.

The capital of oromia was addis ababa until 2000, when its. Addis ababa emerged as the capital city of the abyssinian empire, ethiopia, in the heart of oromia. Ethiopias oromos are asserting their rights for addis. Why ethiopia is making a historic master plan uturn. The addis ababa and oromia special zone integrated. City expansion, squatter settlements and policy implications in addis ababa. In other words addis ababa has given up on a joint master plan with its neighboring oromia towns and forging ahead with separate plan. Apr 18 eprdfs addisoromia special zone master plan for. The case of kolfe keranio subcity1 minwuyelet melesse2 abstract in physical terms, addis ababa is currently expanding at an increasingly rapid rate.

Further, the city has been undergoing horizontal expansion as the major form of development throughout its history. Establishment the addis ababa city administration civil service commission was established in pursuant to the proclamation no. Ethiopias master plan good for development, damaging for minorities. They said similar encroachment is underway in diredawa, melka jeldu, ambo, bishoftu and other oromia areas.

A number of roads and arching bridges, arcade shops in merkato, and brick. Violent clashes in ethiopia over master plan to expand addis. Because needs always exceed available funds, funds allocated to one department must be denied to another department. They said similar encroachment is underway in diredawa, melka jeldu, ambo, bishoftu and other oromia. Urban planners from addis abeba and the oromia regional state have been working on an integrated master plan for over two years.

The ring road was divided into three major phases that connect all the five main gates in and out of addis ababa with all other. When,in mid april 2014, the government in ethiopia announced its readiness to implement what it called the addis abeba integrated regional development plan the master plan for short, which proposes to annex most of the citys surrounding areas belonging to the national regional state of oromia, it provoked an immediate reaction. Budget process is a powerful tool for allocating limited resources among competing priorities within the community. The immediate cause of the ongoing protest all over oromia region was this proposed master plan of addis ababa and its surroundings. Protests over the plan have been going on for weeks, but for the oromo people, tensions have existed for much. Protests in some oromia towns continued on wednesday. That is the controversial integrated master plan of addis ababa and surrounding towns have been disentangled and split into two. A leaked legislative document shows oromia region is pushing for extensive rights in the capital city addis ababa. International organization for migration special liaison. A tragic consequence of the 10th addis ababa integrated development master plan. View and download addis ababa oromia region integrated master plan. By qeerransoo biyyaa the issue under the excuses of joint development for cities of oromia and finfinne 1, the tigirean m. Addis ababa city structure plan amazon web services. The addis ababa master plan consisted in the expansion of the municipality of addis ababa, which would force oromos to be displaced from their own farms.

Oromia region administrative mapas of 27 march 20 creation date. Time and again, oromo farmers have been removed from their land under the guise of development without adequate compensation. The draft proclamation to determine oromia s special interest in addis ababa was reportedly developed and tabled by oromia regional state about two months ago. This program is designed to fulfill the everincreasing demand for professionally trained public accountants, auditors and controllers in the ofag and orag, addis ababa, oromia national regional state and other regions, and the private sector, who can look after the accounting, auditing, and management.

The students were protesting against a controversial proposal, known as the master plan, to expand addis ababa into surrounding oromia state, which they say will. The protests in the oromia region from november 2015. Unfortunately, the revolution is hijacked by the same people and addis ababa master plan 2. Leaked draft law of oromias special interest in addis. The protests in the oromia region are generally seen as part of a movement that began in aprilmay 2014. Ethiopias oromos are asserting their rights for addis ababa or.

They claim that the new master plan for addis ababa is going to be built by taking huge land from the surrounding oromia. In 2011 addis ababa and oromia special zone areas surrounding addis ababa which fall under oromia regional state established a joint project office to work on urban and development issues common to both addis ababa and oromia special zone. Msc in accounting and auditing addis ababa university. Pdf assessment of local government budget allocation in. The plan, according to the government, is intended to create integrated urban development between addis ababa city administration and oromia towns surrounding the capital city such as burayu, sabata, sululta, bishoftu, lagaxafo lagadadhi, galan and other semiurban centers adjoining these towns. In the period prior to meneliks conquest of the center and the south, the tulama, who were gradually evicted from their homeland, inhabited. A tragic consequence of the 10th addis ababa integrated. The integrated master plan that is developed by city administration of addis ababa is facing reistance from oromiyaa after the later questioned the motives behind the plan and the lack of. The issue of finfinne is the heart of our politics, says gemechis, an oromo resident of the city. At the time, students across several locations protested a plan to expand the capital, addis ababa, by approximately 1.

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